Public Service Programs

Public Service Programs
Stepping Out

The Stepping Out Program is a community service offered free to local high schools by the Cumberland County Young Lawyers. A pair of young attorneys visit twelfth grade social sciences classes to deliver a talk about legal issues affecting the students. While there, the attorneys deliver the Stepping Out Booklet to each student. The YLD produces the booklet in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Bar Association. The talk given by the attorneys and the booklet itself generally cover four distinct legal relationships that may pertain to graduating seniors. Traditionally, the program has been an available community service of the Young Lawyers Committee since 1996. Anyone interested in bringing the Stepping Out Program to their high school can contact the Cumberland Co. Bar Assocation at (717) 249-3166.

V.I.P. (Very Important Papers) Program

In the event of sickness, a period of incapacity, or death in any family, the personal information of the stricken family member becomes very important. After a death, sickness or incapacity of a family member, loved ones often are uncertain as to how to handle the affairs of the ill. Failure to prepare for death or incapacity can be devastating for those who are left to care for the stricken family member. In 1995, The Young Lawyers' Division of the Cumberland County Bar Association recognized that many members of the Cumberland County community did not have their Very Important Papers in order. Very Important Papers were defined as Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys and Advanced Directives for Healthcare.

In adopting a program utilized by the Allegheny County Bar Association, the members of The Young Lawyers' Committee established the Very Important Papers (V.I.P.) program in Cumberland County. Members of the YLD volunteer their time to attend meetings at local churches, senior and community centers, and assisted living homes to discuss the importance of being prepared in the event of sickness, incapacity, or death. The YLD members stress the importance of having a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney and an Advance Directive for Healthcare. The VIP Program, though not regularly administered today, is available for interested seniors.

You and the Law  (formerly the Partners Program)

The You and the Law Program brings family law into the classroom to build awareness of the problems which lead to marital breakdown and hopes to instruct students on the legal ramifications of marriage. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the issues that lead to marital discord in the hopes of easing the pressures which lead to the dissolution of the marriage. The interaction between the teachers, the students and the attorneys has been a very positive and rewarding experience for everyone.
KidCare Child ID Program

The Cumberland County Bar Association and the Young Lawyer's Section have teamed with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office in an exciting project to provide free child identification cards to families in the community.   Using portable equipment, attorneys and sheriffs will travel to public events to prepare child identification cards at no cost.   The cards contain a photograph of the child along with other identification information such as the child's height, weight and address.   The cards are the same size as a credit card so parents can easily carry them in their wallets.

The cards will be used in the event a child becomes lost or is missing.   In that instance, the parents would have a document containing the child's vital information allowing them to immediately provide law enforcement officers with the key facts needed to start a search.    The card also provides documentation of the child's right thumbprint should it be necessary to identify a child.

If interested in this program, please call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at (717) 240-6395.

Fee Dispute

The Cumberland County Bar Association's Fee Dispute Committee serves both Bar and Community through facilitating effective voluntary resolution of fee disputes between attorney and client.   The process assists clients who have questions, concerns or disagreements about attorney fees and charges.     Call (717) 249-3166 to be directed to the Fee Dispute Coordinator.

Speakers' Bureau

The Speakers' Bureau provides free programs on law-related topics.   Speakers are available for classroom presentations or meetings held within Cumberland County.    For more information call the Cumberland County Bar Association at (717) 249-3166.

Naturalization Ceremonies

The Cumberland County Bar Association participates in the annual Naturalization Court for the swearing in of candidates for U. S. Citizenship.    The President of the Cumberland County Bar Association delivers the welcome address during the ceremony.   This event is well attended by county officials, civic organizations and the public to celebrate and welcome new citizens into our community.